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If you or a family member has suffered serious harm in Illinois because of a doctor's error (misdiagnosis, surgical error or prescription error, for example), an automobile accident, or from a serious injury due to someone else's negligence, our firm can help you through this difficult time, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Emergency Room Errors

When a hospital operates an emergency room, reasonable people assume that patients who go for help will be treated with the expected standard of care. Too often, serious medical conditions go undiagnosed or are mistreated in the ER. Society holds an emergency room accountable through medical malpractice claims and lawsuits when, for example, a heart attack victim failed to receive proper treatment after entrusting his or her well-being to emergency room doctors.

If you or a loved one has been harmed because of an emergency room mistake, contact an experienced Illinois medical malpractice attorney at Leopold & Associates, LLC to schedule a free consultation.

Guidance From a Skilled Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

Perhaps your child's meningitis was not caught in time to save him from lasting injury, although you took him to the ER at the first sign of negative symptoms. Perhaps your appendicitis or impending heart attack was dismissed as psychosomatic illness, indigestion, or headache. Perhaps surgery was performed in the emergency room that should have taken place in an operating room.

There are standards for treatment given in an emergency room. At Leopold & Associates, LLC, we are familiar with those standards and can discuss them with you. We can also obtain qualified experts who are able to explain in court what should have been done to avoid injury. This knowledge and experience is vital to proving a malpractice case.

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Through medical malpractice claims and lawsuits, I assist people who have been injured or lost their lives because of ER mistakes on a contingency basis. Contact a lawyer at Leopold & Associates, LLC in Chicago, Illinois today to schedule a free consultation.